Investment Approach

ICG is a ‘hands-on’ manager with a value-based philosophy.

It focuses on:

  • + Targeting compelling risk-adjusted rates of return;
  • + Active asset origination and development –  with a focus on sourcing preferred, non-competitive deals or the early access to exclusivity in a competitive process;
  • + Actively managing assets – with a focus on operations to create value through operational improvements and expansion;
  • + Pricing conservatively – modelling assets using prudent growth and refinancing assumptions;
  • + Prudent levels of gearing – structuring assets with a targeted investment grade financing structure; and
  • + Applying proven risk management techniques – imposing strict risk management policies at the asset level and generally seeking to minimise counterparty risk.

Our competitive advantage lies in our strong origination capabilities. Through our extensive relationships we have access to an extensive pipeline of infrastructure opportunities.

Likewise, our active asset management approach focuses on adding value through effective investment analysis, structuring and operations of an asset or business over the life of the investment.