01 August 2011

ICG Appoints CIO

ICG is pleased to announce that Andrew Pickering has been appointed as its Chief Investment Officer with responsibility for all of the investment portfolios of ICG. Andrew will report on portfolio matters to the ICG Investment Committee. He will continue in his roles as portfolio manager for Energy Infrastructure Trust and head of the ICG Melbourne Office.

John Clarke, the ICG Managing Director, said, ‘Andrew has been a key member of the ICG Investment Committee since he joined in 2006 and his promotion to CIO reflects the increasingly important role he is playing in the investment management activities of ICG’.

According to Mike Fitzpatrick, the ICG Chairman, Andrew is a key member of the ICG succession plan and would be the obvious successor as the ICG Managing Director. Mike said, ‘Andrew is a highly experienced manager as well as being an accomplished investor. The ICG Board knows that Andrew could readily assume an even broader set of responsibilities if called upon to do so’.